We Champion Public Policies that Improve the Lives of Virginia’s Children

Voices for Virginia’s Children provides leadership on public policy issues affecting child well-being, with a special focus on disadvantaged children. We are Virginia’s only independent, multi-issue child policy and advocacy organization. Using Kids Count data and our independent policy research, we determine unmet needs and threats to child well-being, recommend sound policy solutions, provide objective input to policy makers, and educate and mobilize leaders and concerned citizens to support policy initiatives.

We Make A Difference

  • Thousands of disadvantaged 4 year olds have access to pre-K and legislative support for the Virginia Preschool Initiative has grown.
  • More children from low-income families have access to appropriate child care allowing their parents to remain in the workforce and on the path to self-sufficiency.
  • Kids with acute mental health problems have access to services.
  • Thousands of children in foster care have a better chance to establish permanent family ties and transition to productive adulthood.