2023 Family Economic Security General Assembly Outcomes


HB2205/SB1324: Child Tax Credit (Del. Tran, Sen. McClellan, Sen. Ebbin)

Our position: Support

HB2205 Status: Failed in the House.

SB1324 Status: Passed the Senate with amendments (39-0). Failed in the House.

Summary:  A state level, refundable tax credit to provide families earning $100,000 or less $500 per child to help pay for essential needs. A priority of the Tax Fairness for Virginia Coalition.


HB2035/SB1101: Paid Family and Medical Leave Program (Del. Sewell, Sen. Boysko)

Our position: Support

HB2035 Status: Failed in the House.

SB1101 Status: Passed the Senate (22-18). Failed in the House.

Summary: This legislation would require the Virginia Employment Commission to develop and employer sponsored paid family medical leave program through an insurance program where employers pay the premium. Employees, including those self-employed, would have up to 12 weeks of paid family medical leave. This legislation has been introduced for the last five years and this is the first time it in passed the Senate.


HB1653: Earned income Tax Credit (EITC) (Del. Price)

Our position: Support

Status: Failed in the House.

Summary: Allows eligible tax payers to receive a state tax refund equal to 20% of their federal Earned Income Tax refund. This would be an increase of five percentage points over the state EITC passed in 2022.