Racial Truth & Reconciliation Partnerships Committee Meeting


Nov 12–12, 2021


1:00PM – 2:00PM



, VA

The Partnership Committee engages with partners in solidarity committed to the Racial Truth and Reconciliation VA Coalition’s mission and goals. The committee encourages partners to integrate equitable policies of change within their organizations and networks. Committee members engage with organizations that serve diverse demographics in an effort to catalyze organizational and institutional change within their sphere of influence. Register here.

Partnership Committee members include:

  • Partners are organizations and individuals connected to networks that support the RTR mission, goals, and initiatives.
  • Partners committed to integrating the mission and goals of RTR into their organizational or network practices.
  • Partners from private and public sectors are encouraged to sign-on in support of RTR and actively participate in the partnership committee to engage members of their organizations or networks in the work.
  • Partners sign-on and consent to being publicly featured or named as an RTR partner.
  • GED, high school diploma, bachelors, or advanced degrees are not required to join the coalition.