Advocacy & Activism Committee Meeting


Oct 27–27, 2021


6:00PM – 7:00PM



, VA

The Racial Truth & Reconciliation VA Campaign mission is to empower marginalized communities on behalf of truth to promote healing, reconciliation, and justice for children, youth, and families in Virginia. The advocacy and activism committee leads awareness and community-building events to promote justice. The committee works to connect local-level trends to deconstruct systemic, social, and institutional barriers to achieving an equitable and just society for all. Members of the committee plan and execute advocacy trainings, resources, community assessments, workshops, and events to leave coalition members empowered and prepared to advocate and to support partner policy initiatives and Voices policy agenda.

Join us to collectively provide input on committee vision and goals, to witness real world examples of truth & reconciliation in action through storytelling and the experiences of our co-chair, Kandise Nadine Lucas, and gain insight on bubbling local and state advocacy opportunities from our co-chair, Chlo’e Edwards. Register here.