Behind the Curtain with RVA’s Human Services Leaders


Jul 29, 2021


3:00 pm – 4:30 pm


Virtual Event

, VA

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Local government plays a lead role in uplifting healthy residents and communities, with philanthropy serving as a strong partner. Please join us for this rare opportunity to meet and converse with the super-humans who oversee human services across the region. This dedicated and talented group are responsible for a wide range of issues and policy portfolios from early childhood education and family stabilization, to workforce and homelessness, to public health and emergency assistance.

In this session, you will hear their personal views on leadership, the challenges of 2020, and lasting lessons for the work ahead – as well as what fuels their optimism and what keeps them up at night. They will discuss priorities for their respective jurisdictions, as well as areas in which they work together across county lines. With their collective depth of experience and perspective, this is a great chance to seek their insights and ideas about how philanthropy and government can collaborate effectively to lift people out of poverty and provide them with equitable, sustainable paths to economic mobility. When we work together, we can achieve greater long-term success for our communities.

Featuring: Voices CEO, Amy Strite, as Moderator

This is a virtual event via Microsoft Teams Webinar.

Other Panelists: 

Reggie Gordon – Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, City of Richmond

Monica Smith-Callahan – Deputy County Manager for Community Affairs, Henrico County

Jim Taylor – Deputy County Administrator, Hanover County

Dr. James Worsley – Deputy County Administrator for Human Services, Chesterfield County