Health, Wealth, & Justice Policy Network – Weekly GA Meetings


Feb 11 – Mar 11, 2022


1:00PM – 1:30PM



, VA

The 2022 Virginia General Assembly is in session until March 12th. Attend Weekly Health, Wealth, & Justice Network Meetings for brief 30 minute updates and learn ways to engage in supporting policy solutions! Individuals can register once to attend all of the weekly occurrences. Feel free to share with others as a space for those who are new to policy or those who are veterans looking to connect with others to ignite change.

The Health, Wealth, and Justice policy network covers areas related to social determinants of health (SDOH), which include but are not limited to socioeconomic status, discrimination, housing, physical environment, food security, child development, culture, social support, healthcare services, transportation, working conditions, and democratic participation. SDOH may have complex, integrated, and overlapping social structures that are influenced by structural and societal factors that are responsible for most health inequities due to the intersection of money, power, and resources.

Register for weekly Health, Wealth, and Justice policy update meetings here