Racial Truth & Reconciliation Education Committee Meeting


Dec 7–7, 2021


7:30PM – 8:30PM



, VA

The education committee connects coalition members to ongoing personal and professional development opportunities around cultural competency, implicit biases, trauma-informed care, equity, diversity and inclusion. The committee members engage with individuals with lived experience, organizations, and public officials to shed light on systemic and institutional best practices and challenges to achieving an equitable and just society.

In our last meeting we discussed the following points as possible topics for our committee. We would like to talk about moving at least one of these forward. We need to think about presenter, curriculum/content, audience, and forum. Think about that and bring your ideas. These don’t have to be lofty graduate-school lectures. They could be discussion groups or something else creative.

  • Education for families with disabilities. What can a parent expect from the school and what rights do we have? What are reasonable accommodations and how do we advocate?
  • Power and Privilege
  • Power dynamics across race in the classroom (for teachers?)
  • A deep dive into the term privilege
  • An anti-racism book group
  • How internal/implicit bias affects decision making in healthcare

We also discussed resources that exist internal to our committee and what community resources we may be able to utilize to further our educational goals.

Lastly, we discussed a goal of having an educational opportunity for the Coalition and the community quarterly throughout each year. Register here to attend the meeting. A zoom link will be sent the day of the meeting.