Racial Truth & Reconciliation: Historical Perspectives- Reckoning the Past & Reconciling the Present


Jan 18–18, 2021


3:00PM – 4:45PM


Facebook Live

, VA

Join Racial Truth & Reconciliation Virginia as we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who embodied racial resilience, peacemaking, reconciliation, and justice. This event will authentically address Virginia’s reckoning of the past and reconciling of the present and examine the role that educational entities play in shedding light on historical trauma and the retelling of history. Participants will engage communities in pursuing their own journey of truth and reconciliation. Join Voices for Virginia’s Children, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, American Civil War Museum, The Valentine, The Library of Virginia, Initiatives of Change, and Art Activists who will perform through a virtual showcase. Go to the main page when the event starts to view on FB Live @RacialTruth! CLICK Going on the events page.