Trauma-Informed Care and Community-Centered Healing (Virtual)


Aug 25–25, 2021


9:00AM – 10:30AM



, VA


This workshop is presented as part Racial Truth and Reconciliation Week in Virginia. Learn more about the week and its events, as well as the work of Racial Truth and Reconciliation Virginia here. Join John Richardson-Lauve from ChildSavers and Kristin Lennox from Voices for this workshop which will give an overview of trauma-informed care (TIC) and the healing centered engagement (HCE), and the inherent resilience-building approaches of each. Trauma-Informed Care was conceived of in the 1990’s after the creation of the diagnosis of PTSD and the acknowledgement of the impact that traumatic events can have on a person’s brain and behavior. Healing-Centered Engagement is a term originally coined by Shawn Ginwright in 2018 which is an asset-based and culturally rooted approach to healing and well-being, especially focused on support for individuals of color. They will start with the basics of each approach, take a journey into the latest neurobiology, dive into the similarities of these two approaches, and lastly explore how these two can work together to help us serve others. Register here.


  • John Richardson-Lauve, Director of Mental Health & Lead Trauma & Resilience Educator, ChildSavers
  • Kristin Lennox, Advocacy & Engagement Manager, Voices for Virginia’s Children