What’s Right With Us?- Creating Black History Series


Feb 22–22, 2021


12:00pm – 1:00pm


Facebook Live @RacialTruth

, VA

The What’s Right With Us- Creating Black History series highlights the resilience within Black culture and the culture’s ability to turn tribulations into triumphs. This Black History Month Community Chat features Aurora Higgs, MED, a Black queer visionary, activist, scholar, and speaker based in Richmond, Virginia. She recently begun her PhD at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying the bidirectional relationship between queer and trans people of color and digital media. She started a company called Borealis Consulting to continue informing corporations, school and organizations on diversity and inclusion and how to implement change to assist the LGBTQ community. As a trans woman of color, she lends her voice to the Office of Health Equity, the Virginia Department of Health, multiple mental health panels and is a point of contact for Delegate Danica Roem. She advocates for policy change in hopes of overturning laws that make it legal to discriminate against LGBTQ people. She is paving the way to inclusive cross-sector policy changes, including food insecurity, housing, and healthcare access. View on FB Live @RacialTruth.