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Make Children a Priority with a Permanent Children’s Cabinet

Right now, the most frequent question we are asked at Voices is, “So, how ARE children being impacted by this pandemic?” The most honest answer is that only time will…

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Mom putting mask on girl

Sounding the Alarm: New Data Reveals Impact of COVID-19 Hardships

Guest Blog Post Contributed by John R. Morgan, Ph.D., former Voices Executive Director and current Chewning Research Fellow at the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation Widening racial-ethnic disparities likely to harm…

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2020 Special Session Mental Health & Health- The Impact on Children and Families

We know that children and families are experiencing a combination of symptoms related to the impact of the pandemic, including isolation, stress, anxiety. These symptoms are further exacerbated by time as the pandemic continues. We…

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Special Session 2020: Policymakers Must Prioritize Child and Family Health

The Virginia General Assembly wrapped up its regular session this past March by passing a historic two-year budget that invested in Virginia’s children and families. COVID-19 hit Virginia at the…

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2020 Special Session Priorities

The last five months have been disruptive for children and families in Virginia. Children and parents are facing challenges, hardship and trauma that will impact them for a lifetime. Financial,…

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Prioritizing Children’s Mental Health During Special Session

COVID-19 isn’t just affecting our physical health and daily life—it’s also wrecking havoc on the mental health of our children and families. Whether it’s a lack of access to mental…

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Katie Francis, LCSW at ChildSavers in Richmond, Virginia

Tele-mental health in Virginia: Addressing children’s mental health needs during COVID-19

Necessity is often the mother of invention. Since the onset of COVID-19, mental health providers across Virginia have been forced to rethink how they deliver treatment to those children and…

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The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act In Your Community

The CARES Act was signed into law on March 27th to create a $2 trillion economic stimulus efforts for business, health care, communities, and families. Implementing the CARES Act will…

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Historic Investment for Children’s Mental Health: 2020 Legislative Session

On Thursday, March 12th, the Virginia General Assembly wrapped up its historic 2020 session by passing a two-year budget that makes historic investments in mental health services for children and…

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Progress for Mental Health in the Senate and House Budget Recommendations

This past Sunday, February 16th, the Senate and House “money committees” released their budgets. While there are differences in the House and Senate budget proposals, the great news is that…

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