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Kinship Care Listening Tour

Posted:  -  By: Allison Gilbreath

Virginia is ranked 49th in the country for the number of children aging out of foster care without a permanent connection. Children who are unable to live with their family of origin are more likely to achieve permanency when they are placed with a relative. However, in Virginia only 6 percent of are placed with a relative when entering foster care. Relatives often want to take in children but are unable to do so because of lack of resources and support. In 2018, Virginia passed the Kinship Guardianship Assistance Bill and while this is a terrific first step towards promoting kinship care we know there is much work to do.

We are going on a listening tour to hear from professionals in the field as well as caregivers raising relatives to hear about the challenges and opportunities with kinship care. Voices will compile the results of this tour in a policy brief that will be shared with lawmakers. Please register for one of the following events across the commonwealth to let your voice be heard:

Chesapeake, VA | August 1st | 6pm – 8pm (dinner will be served)

Abingdon, VA | August 9th | 11am- 1pm (lunch will be served)

Fairfax, VA | August 13th | 11am-1pm or 6pm – 8pm (lunch or dinner will be served)

Richmond, VA | August 29th | 11am – 1pm or 6pm – 8pm (lunch or dinner will be served)

If you cannot attend any of these sessions but want to share your comments, please email Allison Gilbreath at allison@vakids.org

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