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Make Sure Kids Are Heard!

Posted:  -  By: Nikkia Johnson

For 25 years, Voices for Virginia’s Children has led the effort to improve the lives of ALL kids across the Commonwealth. We could not do it without YOUR support! As we move into the next 25 years, Voices will continue to be viewed as the go-to resource for child well-being in Virginia, preparing advocates to speak up for the most disadvantaged children, closing the gaps, and using data to inform policy.

Now more than ever your support is critical to the advancement of the mission of Voices. Our team is hard at work shaping policy proposals for the Governor to consider and getting to know newly elected officials. We have an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on making life better for kids in Virginia. Your donation today will allow us to seize each opportunity that comes our way!

By making a donation in this time of opportunity nationwide, you are leading the way for Voices to cut through the noise and advocate for the best interests of our children. Our team is bringing policymakers together to:

  • ensure that economically disadvantaged preschoolers have the same opportunity to attend preschool as higher income children,
  • build more connections for mental health services for children between pediatricians and clinicians, and
  • provide vulnerable families with services and financial supports that better equip them to care for their children and prevent the need for foster care

To increase momentum moving forward for children, we need to build on the strong base established during our first 25 years. Your generous gift will make that possible and ensure that Voices’ mission continues.

Make a gift to Voices to speak up for kids!

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