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Race, Place, and Poverty Presentation for Greater Richmond

Posted:  -  By: S. Beth Nolan

Last month, Beth, our KIDS COUNT Director, presented to the United Methodist’s Richmond Region Women’s Group about race, place, and poverty in Greater Richmond.

The presentation highlighted different indicators, broken down by race/ethnicity across the region and looked at how poverty, race, and where you live (place) intersect. The presentation was built on the premise that a family’s income in and of itself does not give you everything you need to understand child well-being. A child must have health, educational opportunity, and economic security to thrive, and both race and place impact outcomes for children.

Check out the UMC Greater Richmond Presentation on Race, Place, & Poverty to learn more about race, place, and poverty in Greater Richmond.

If you are interested in having a presentation for your group/organization on a topic, region, or both, please contact Beth Nolan at Beth@vakids.org and she would be happy to develop and present to your group/organization based on your request.

*Please note that providing context when discussing data disaggregated by race/ethnicity is critical to understanding the root causes and reasons for why disparities may exist between races/ethnicities on any given indicator. Context is not reflected in the PowerPoint file but was given as part of the presentation.

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