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Racial Truth & Reconciliation: Sign-On As A Partner In Solidarity!

Posted:  -  By: Chloe Edwards

Racial Truth & Reconciliation VA Partnership Committee

Partners in solidarity are invited to sign-on as a Racial Truth & Reconciliation Virginia partner and invited to participate in one of the Racial Truth & Reconciliation Virginia partnership committee. Serving as a partner in solidarity on the partnership committee is not required (partners in solidarity can choose another committee to serve on). However, the committee works intentionally and collaboratively with the engagement committee to analyze partnerships and expand partnerships to include a diversity of perspectives. The partnership committee should also work to ensure the coalition is increasingly representative of the communities served and to ensure partnerships include organizations that serve youth, families, and advocates directly impacted by the RTR mission and goals. The partnership committee can also collaborate with the advocacy and activism committee throughout the year to mobilize those within their organizations to act on policy or political opportunities.

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