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Racial Truth & Reconciliation Virginia

Posted:  -  By: Chloe Edwards

Campaign Mission & Goals 

To empower the voices and experiences of marginalized communities in acknowledgement of truth to promote healing, reconciliation, and justice. The campaign seeks to advance policies that dismantle systems that perpetuate racial trauma, oppression and inequity.

  • To educate Virginians on the impact of cultural, historical, and racial trauma.
  • To encourage allies to participate in advocacy and activism to deconstruct systems of oppression.
  • To promote equity, inclusion, and justice to combat systematic racism and oppression.
  • To tell the truths and the stories of Black Indigenous Communities of Color, including the retelling of history and the experiences of communities of color.
  • To promote diversity and inclusion of communities of color, the LGBTQ+ community, individuals on the IDD spectrum, individuals with different abilities, and other oppressed communities.

Voices covers several core policy topics that address the severe effects of systemic oppression and institutional inequity. Our areas of specialty include:

  • early childhood education
  • family economic security
  • foster care and adoption
  • health and wellness
  • mental health
  • trauma-informed care
  • equity

Due to our multi-faceted nature and through the organization’s unified policy agendas, Voices is poised to produce racial equity impact statements across issue areas to highlight a policy agenda item that centers equity.


  • Racial Truth & Reconciliation (RTR) VA (RTRVA)
  • Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week (RTRW)

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Racial Truth & Reconciliation Virginia Coalition 

Coalition of Partners & Community Members: Voices serves as the convener and hub to the Racial Truth & Reconciliation Virginia coalition which consists of direct-service professionals, policymakers, individuals with lived experience, students, youth, and parents. Our goal is to connect local communities, which include community members, organizations, public and private sectors, families, and youth, with opportunities to influence laws and policies that affect the lives of children and families.

The Racial Truth & Reconciliation VA coalition assembles advocates who are committed to racial advocacy and equity work across many sectors. There are five committees to mobilize and advocate for change: general coalition, advocacy & activism, education, engagement, partnership, and executive. Learn more about the committees here.

Through the work of the coalition’s committees, Voices will play an active role in shaping a unified policy agenda that aligns with the organization’s policy goals as well as issue areas identified by the campaign. This level of advocacy includes Voices identifying opportunities to mobilize advocates to support Voices’  policy initiatives and the work of partner coalitions addressing issues ranging from food access to paid leave. Join the general coalition or sign up to receive emails by clicking here. Find previous meeting notes and presentations here.

2020 Advocacy & Activism 

Voices focuses our analysis and advocacy on developing and championing policies and practices that positively impact the health and well-being of Virginia’s children and families. Our approach is data-driven and evidence-based, and targets issues that cross multiple domains and tend to have the greatest impact on child and family success. View our work. 


2020 Campaign for a Trauma-Informed VA: Racial Truth & Reconciliation Advocacy Day Cohort 

Due November 23RD


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