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Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week #RTRW2020 Social Media Toolkit 8/2-8/8/20

Posted:  -  By: Chlo'e Edwards


Help us spread the word to increase engagement in Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week by using this social media toolkit! For every post, use the hashtag #RTRW2020. 

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1. Help explain the week by using this introduction video! 

2. Share this promo video to get your followers excited and emphasize the goals and mission of the week.

3. Help us set expectations on best practices by sharing these “Truth Telling Tips!”

A special thanks to The Truth Telling Project for these tips!


4. Promote education by sharing these videos on key definitions to learn throughout the week!

What is Racism?

Retelling History

White Privilege 

White Fragility 

Racial Trauma 

Historical Trauma 


Implicit Biases 

White Supremacy 



4. Educate the community and share the experiences of individuals by featuring our virtual ART & ACTIVISM Showcase. 

Are you joining us for Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week beginning August 2nd! Checkout this piece in the ART & ACTIVISM Showcase, “To Be.” Programs created by Girls for a Change address institutional racism, sexism, the digital divide, and the glass ceiling, which for many Black girls can be a “concrete ceiling.” Girls for a Change take on complex societal issues long before their time, but they recognize the implications of oppression, even if they cannot put a name to it. Listen to the experiences of these youth through this piece. More details are here https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/save-the-dates-racial-truth-reconciliation-week-8-2-20-8-8-20.

Are you preparing for participation in Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week beginning August 2nd! Purchase a good children’s book read for the week. This piece is inspired by ballerinas, Ava Holloway and Kennedy George, ‘My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams’, is a tale about a chance encounter at the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, Virginia, which catapulted these Black ballerinas into a summer of activism and dance. You can purchase a copy of this book here. More details are here: https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/save-the-dates-racial-truth-reconciliation-week-8-2-20-8-8-20.

Advocacy and activism comes in all forms. Checkout out these ballerinas for change! Their photoshoot at the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, Virginia went viral. Since then, they have been featured by celebrities, on local and national media outlets, and more! Their photo is featured in our virtual ART & Activism Showcase! Visit our website for more details.  https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/save-the-dates-racial-truth-reconciliation-week-8-2-20-8-8-20.

Stay active and involved in the life-long education process of learning about the experiences and the impact of white privilege on communities of color. A good start is participating in Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week. Here is a piece by Roscoe Burnems on white privilege featured in our ART & ACTIVISM Showcase. Listen here! Visit our website for more details on Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week. https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/save-the-dates-racial-truth-reconciliation-week-8-2-20-8-8-20

We hope you are marking your calendars for Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week. We are learning through different forms, including art! Historically, superheroes of color are underrepresented in American culture. This artist is increasing cultural representation through his pieces! Mark your calendars and learn more about the week by visiting our website: https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/save-the-dates-racial-truth-reconciliation-week-8-2-20-8-8-20.

Gearing up for Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week? One component of the week is to to promote diversity and inclusion of communities of color, the LGBTQ+ community, individuals on the IDD spectrum, individuals with different abilities, and other oppressed communities. Learn about the experiences of Alexus Young through her piece, Gateway. Visit our website to learn more about the different components of the week! https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/save-the-dates-racial-truth-reconciliation-week-8-2-20-8-8-20

We have a ton planned for Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week. You can get a head start on the week by viewing our virtual ART & ACTIVISM Showcase here! https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/racial-truth-reconciliation-week-art-activism-virtual-showcase-8-2-8-8-20

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