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  1. Speak Up for Kids: May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

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    At the Campaign, we are very excited about a new partnership with the Child Mind Institute in New York and its “Speak Up for Kids” initiative in May: “The centerpiece of Speak Up for Kids 2013 is a series of marquee events—livestreamed talks and roundtable discussions by our nation’s mental health leaders—that expose and address the real barriers that stand in the way of effective mental health care for children and families.”

    There is an AMAZING lineup of 16 webinars throughout the month of May, and you have the opportunity to host viewing parties—gatherings of interested folks, whether work colleagues, parents, or clients of your organization – to view the webinars together and then discuss. I have discussion guides available if you would like to organize a viewing party. No group is too large or too small! Also, if the time of the live webinar is not convenient, you can host a viewing party at a later time that works for you. All webinars will be available on the Child Mind website.

    Topics include everything from teen addictions, brain research, fighting stigma, and partnering with your pediatrician, and speakers include young people, parents, Congressman Patrick Kennedy and NIMH director Dr. Tom Insel. There is truly something for everyone!

    The Child Mind Institute is offering the webinars and discussion guides totally free of charge, and we are excited to bring this opportunity to your attention. Please let us know if you would like to host a viewing party: margaret@vakids.org.

  2. What is Virginia doing to prevent suicide?

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    Did you know that Virginia has a multi-agency effort in place to reduce suicide in Virginia through awareness and prevention activities? This article from The Virginia Gazette in Williamsburg clearly explains the history of these efforts and the current state of suicide prevention activities in the Commonwealth. It is written by Christy Letsom, who is both a survivor of suicide and  a Training Specialist with The Planning Council where she focuses on mental health training and statewide suicide prevention advocacy. She also chairs the Virginia Suicide Prevention Coalition and serves as a member of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s Standards.

    For more information on statewide efforts and training opportunities regarding suicide prevention, please visit: http://www.preventsuicideva.org/.