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  1. Help RVA candidates focus on kids this election


    As the campaign season heats up we are glad to hear more candidates talking about how they will support kids. In Richmond we believe this topic is incredibly important to the 39% of kids who live in poverty and their families. To elevate this issue we have written about it in Richmond Family Magazine and formed a coalition with other kid-focused nonprofits to identify ways that our elected officials could support kids and families in Richmond, beyond schools.

    Now it’s your turn…

    We have created a RVA Election Tool-Kit that you can use to ask candidates running for Mayor, City Council and School Board about their positions or plans to support kids in poverty.

    Download, print and share this tool-kit to use when

    • candidates come door-to-door;
    • you attend a candidate forum or debate;
    • you attend a meet and greet with candidates; and
    • when you share with other voters why we should be asking more questions about kids during this election.

    And join the Facebook group #IsItGood4KidsRVA? to follow candidates’ statements about kids and families, upcoming events and conversation about the election.

    Read the transcript from the ChamberRVA Mayoral Debate on a question to all candidates on early education.