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Guest Blog: The Beyond ACEs Summit – The Impact of Race, Culture, and Poverty

Posted:  -  By: Chlo'e Edwards

Guest Author: Brian Little, Crater Health District Special Projects Coordinator

We are #MovingBeyondACES. The Beyond ACES: Impact of Race, Culture, and Poverty Summit, led by the Virginia Department of Health’s Crater Health District with support from many partners, including the Southside Trauma Informed Community Network (STICN), registration is live! Register before July 10 to take advantage of their early bird special! The event will be held at  Petersburg High School . Virginia Tech is offering CEU’s for registrants. Voices staff members, Chloe Edwards and Allison Gilbreath, will be presenting a  workshop titled, “Equalizing the Playing Field: Advocating for Policies for Change.”

The Summit theme is #MovingBeyondACES (adverse childhood experiences). This year is historically significant because it marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans to Virginia. It was also a time that marked significant trauma. The Summit will culminate with food, an artistic showcase, field day activities, and conversations around race and unity.  Vendors will fill the marketplace with items that speak to self care and knowledge. The summit will end with the community moving out to the Hope Festival! Trauma-informed community development and resilience-building resources will be available.

You can spread the word on affiliated websites, email, social media, and word of mouth using this summit social media toolkit! Share the story behind your journey of becoming trauma-informed using the hashtag #MovingBeyondACES! Tag and like the Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network’s Facebook Page! Click the events button, and say you are GOING to help create a buzz. Read more about the Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network here. You can also check out this quick sneak peak video of last year!


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