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Jan. 30th- “I am #TraumaInformedVA” Virtual Advocacy Day

Posted:  -  By: Emily Griffey

We are excited to have many advocates joining us at the Capitol for our Campaign for Trauma-Informed Virginia Advocacy Day on January 30th! Yet we know many supporters cannot travel or take a day off to join us in Richmond. For those who can’t join us we’ve set up a Virtual Advocacy Day with a theme– I am #TraumaInformedVA. Follow these instructions to participate in our Virtual Advocacy Day on social media. Your participation will help highlight the issues that over 40 organizations have endorsed as the priorities to help create a more trauma-informed Virginia.

I am #TraumaInformedVA

Step 1: Make sure you know your  delegate and senator! You can look them up here. Check this list for their twitter handle, often the use the same on other social media. (Don’t see their info? You can still post with the hashtag!)

Step 2: Cut and paste from the suggestions below to share your message of why you are trauma-informed. You can put these directly into your facebook, twitter, or instagram. Or if you want to get creative, record a video or make a graphic with these quotes! Make sure to also tag your legislator!

Step 3: Follow the conversation at #TraumaInformedVA. Retweet and fave the posts you like!

Sample posts: 

[for an organization] We are proud to partner with @vakids in the Campaign for a Trauma-Informed Virginia! Be a part of the action today: call your delegate and senator! http://cqrcengage.com/vakids/app/make-a-call?3&engagementId=495627 #TraumaInformedVA

[for an organization] We endorse the agenda of the Campaign for a #TraumaInformedVA: https://vakids.org/trauma-informed-va/trauma-talking-points

I am #TraumaInformedVA. I believe more school counselors = better trusting relationships & to identify mental health needs. https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/campaign-for-a-trauma-informed-virginia-education-initiatives

I am #TraumaInformedVA. Pediatricians should be trained to identify mental health issues & make better connections to treat kids experiencing mental health challenges. https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/virginia-mental-health-access-program-expanding-mental-health-access-for-children

I am #TraumaInformedVA. School Resource Officers should have the appropriate training to work with kids every day. https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/campaign-for-a-trauma-informed-va-school-resource-officers

I am #TraumaInformedVA. I believe that strong parents are the best buffer when a child experiences trauma such as witnessing violence or experiencing hardship.

I am #TraumaInformedVA. All child-serving professionals should be trained to work with children who experience trauma. https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/campaign-for-a-trauma-informed-va-school-resource-officers

I am #TraumaInformedVA and I participate in my local community network to work across disciplines and share best practices. Please support our work. https://vakids.org/our-news/blog/fact-ticns-virginia

I am #TraumaInformedVA because [for example: work with students as a school counselor… I’ve been trained to be trauma-informed… because I ask “what happened to you?”]

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