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This Mother’s Day, Honor the Special Women in Your Life!

Posted:  -  By: Nikkia Johnson

Soon we will celebrate Mother’s Day to honor our biological, adoptive, or foster mothers or other women who were our first and greatest champions. At Voices, we understand the importance of being champions for kids. A nonpartisan nonprofit, we advocate for data-informed public policies that improve the lives of Virginia’s children.

This year we counted among our legislative wins Congress’ re-funding of the popular, bipartisan Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for another 10 years, ensuring continued health coverage for 9 million children and 375,000 pregnant women nationwide.

Grassroots advocacy by people like Richmond mom Latasha Wiggins made a difference. A mental health care provider, Latasha relies on CHIP for health coverage for her two sons. We helped her magnify her voice by providing her with background information on CHIP and connecting her to legislators and media outlets for TV and newspaper interviews.

“I felt empowered,” Latasha said. “I was not only advocating for my children but the millions of others out there who would also lose coverage. Thank you and everyone at Voices for Virginia’s Children!” This is what we do—we empower mothers and others to advocate on behalf of children.

Your financial support ensures we can continue our work. Make a difference this Mother’s Day by donating to Voices in honor or memory of your greatest champion—your mother or other caring adult.

We will recognize your designated champion on our website and send them a Mother’s Day card acknowledging the gift you made to Voices on their behalf.

Thank you for honoring your mother or another individual in such a meaningful way! Your donation will contribute to a brighter future for Virginia’s children.

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