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Voices for Virginia’s Children Statement — February 2, 2019

Posted:  -  By: Voices for VA's Kids

Voices for Virginia’s Children is deeply disappointed in the racist picture from Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook that has come to light in the last 24 hours. This picture is offensive and troubling, particularly given the power and influence held by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a child advocacy organization that is committed to the principles of equity and inclusion, Voices strongly denounces the attitudes and beliefs that this picture represents. Behavior that is racist, demeaning, and mocking of others must not be tolerated.

Voices champions public policies that improve the lives of all children, particularly those who have been left out, whose needs are often overlooked, or who have been disadvantaged by historical policies based on racism or other forms of oppression. Our work is guided by the belief that every child in Virginia should grow up in a safe and stable environment with the opportunity to thrive.

As we continue to monitor this unfolding situation, Voices for Virginia’s Children commits our organization to being part of the healing that our commonwealth desperately needs at this time.

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