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Why Are Children Expelled From Preschool?

Posted:  -  By: Voices for VA's Kids

Did you know that Virginia ranks 10th worst in the country in the number of young children kicked out of child care or preschool settings? That’s not an area in which we want to have a high rank!

On September 5th, Campaign Coordinator Margaret Nimmo Crowe and ChildSavers‘ Ashley Everette helped explain what is happening with young children and how we can help at United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg‘s monthly “Lunch and Learn” program. You can view their entire presentation on early childhood mental health.

Ashley helped define that early childhood mental health is a child’s developing capacity to experience, regulate and express emotion; form close, secure relationships; and explore the environment and learn. She discussed signs and symptoms of early childhood development gone awry, and explained the model that ChildSavers uses in its HUGS program to provide mental health consultation to child care providers and parents.

Margaret discussed the role of public policy in helping shape children’s early social and emotional development. Opportunities exist to improve the promotion of healthy development for all children, the prevention of mental health problems for high risk populations of children, and the treatment of children identified as having disorders.

If you want to learn more, take a peek at the slides: presentation on early childhood mental health. If you have any questions after looking at the presentation, feel free to contact Ashley Everette at aeverette@childsavers.org or Margaret Nimmo Crowe at margaret@vakids.org.

Thanks to all who attended the program and asked so many great questions, and to United Way for the opportunity.

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