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Early Childhood Care and Education

Mental Health

Health Care Access

Child Welfare

Family Economic Security

Food Access and Nutrition

Student Belonging

Additional resources:

As a member of the Fund Our Schools coalition, we are also supporting additional legislation related to fully funding public schools. Learn more about this legislation at the Fund Our Schools bill tracker.

As an ally to LGBTQ+ youth, we are aligned with the positions of Equality Virginia related to transgender protections and additional proposals that target LBGTQ+ youth. Learn more about this legislation on Equality Virginia’s bill tracker.


What “Position” Means

Support: Voices is in strong support of this legislation and will testify to support this proposal.

Oppose: Voices is in strong opposition of this legislation and will testify to oppose this proposal.

Monitor: Voices is listening to testimony and speaking with stakeholders related to this legislation so that we may be aware of its future impact on children and youth.


What “Status” Means

Committee hearings happen daily. It is our goal to keep the bill status as updated as possible.

Bills making progress: If a bill is amended, given a substitute or reported from a subcommittee or committee, it is still being considered and in progress.

Bills that are stalled: If a bill fails to report, is laid on the table or is passed by indefinitely (PBI), it has stalled for the session and will not move forward.

Final action: A bill that has been approved by both the House and the Senate. It will be sent to the Governor to sign or amend.