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Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week: Sign-On As A Partner In Solidarity!

Posted:  -  By: Chloe Edwards

Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week Partner Sign-On

Are you a partner in solidarity? Sign-on if your organization has a commitment 1. To empower the voices and experiences of marginalized communities in acknowledgement of truth to promote healing, reconciliation, and justice. 2. To promote equity, inclusion, and justice to combat systematic racism and oppression. To tell the truths and the stories of Black Indigenous Communities of Color, including the retelling of history and the experiences of communities of color. 3. To develop an intentional plan to accept the torch past this awareness week to continue to promote diversity and inclusion of communities of color, the LGBTQ+ community, individuals on the IDD spectrum, individuals with different abilities, and other oppressed communities.

Please register for the Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week- Where Do We Go From Here Session August 7th at 4PM. 

You are also encouraged to register to attend Redefining The New Normal Community Chat: Allies or All Lies? Tips on Anti-Racism August 8th at 1PM. 

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