Mission & Goals

To empower the voices and experiences of marginalized communities in acknowledgment of truth to promote healing, reconciliation, and justice for children and families.

The campaign seeks to advance policies that dismantle systems that perpetuate racial trauma, oppression, and inequity.

  • To educate Virginians on the impact of cultural, historical, and racial trauma.
  • To encourage allies to participate in advocacy and activism to deconstruct systems of oppression.
  • To promote equity, inclusion, and justice to combat the impact of systematic racism and oppression on communities, families, and children.
  • To tell the truths and the stories of Black Indigenous Communities of Color, including the retelling of history and the experiences of communities of color.
  • To promote diversity and inclusion of communities of color, the LGBTQ+ community, individuals on the IDD spectrum, individuals with disabilities, and other oppressed communities.

Voices covers several core policy topics that address the severe effects of systemic oppression and institutional inequity. Our areas of specialty include:

  • Early childhood and education
  • Family economic security
  • Child welfare
  • Health and wellness
  • Mental health
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Equity
  • Justice

Due to our multi-faceted nature and through the organization’s unified policy agendas, Voices is poised to produce racial equity impact statements across issue areas to highlight a policy agenda item that centers equity.