Trauma-Informed Community Networks

Trauma-Informed Community Networks (TICNs)

The Virginia TICNs are a multi-sector coalition of networks throughout the state focused on building resilience and preventing and mitigating the impact of trauma in their communities and creating a more trauma-informed and resilient culture in Virginia. The VA TICNs work together with state partners to change practices, policies, systems within their regions and at the state level. Greater Richmond SCAN convenes bi-monthly meetings of the VA TICNs, provides support and technical assistance to the 26 networks, and distributes a bi-weekly eNote with resources and events.

Some of the networks are well established with regular meetings and leadership structures. Others are just beginning the conversations. In each of these communities, these networks share common characteristics: spreading awareness, conducting training, support and implement new practices in schools, courts, and community services, and much more. These TICNs help to connect practice across disciplines and help to identify gaps and how policies can be implemented. Virginia’s community networks play a key role in advancing trauma-informed policy and promoting a statewide policy agenda. 

For more information or if your TICNs contact information is in need of updating, contact Virginia Trauma-Informed Community Networks Coordinator Melissa McGinn at

Click on the image below to download a printable full list of TICNs in Virginia. Visit the Virginia TICN website for trauma-informed care resources and more information.