Resilience Week Virginia 2021

Welcome to the second annual Resilience Week Virginia! As the world faced stay-at-home orders in March 2020, communities across the country witnessed expanded attention that was called to dual pandemics, the COVID-19 pandemic and racism as a public health crisis. Addressing the root cause of trauma in neighborhoods, families, and schools requires policies that consider the environmental context that perpetuates the harm. Trauma-informed care in combination with equitable policies can deconstruct toxic systems, policies and practices that reinforce harm and instead, foster collective community resilience.

Join Our Virtual Events:

Resilient State & Federal Policies for Resilient Communities

Monday, May 3 at 10-11AM

Join Voices for Virginia’s Children in exploring state and federal policy investments that contribute to trauma prevention.
Through this session, Voices staffers will walk participants through a state and federal policy deep dive by highlighting policies that contribute to resilient communities. You will gain insight on state post general assembly session policy investments in early childhood education, child welfare, family economic security, and health and well-being. In addition, you will receive information on federal policy investments communities can expect to make an impact here in Virginia through the American Rescue Plan. Stay informed to fully take advantage of resources coming to your community!

Racial Trauma & Resilience 101

Monday, May 3 at 11:30AM-1PM

Peel back the complex layers of the historical implications of these definitions through real-world examples of the impact racism has had on children and families in United States History.

Through this series, we will collectively analyze definitions related to cultural, racial, and historical trauma and equity. Following, we will end the workshop with key solutions concentrated in advocating for justice. This series is followed by Racial Trauma & Resilience 102: Analyzing the Individual, Institutional, & Systemic Impact. Be sure to register for 102 to get the most out of the series.

Racial Trauma & Resilience 102

Wednesday, May 5 at 10-11:30AM

Through this training, participants will gain insight on the individual, institutional, and systemic impact of culture, racial, and historical trauma on children, families, and future generations.
Learn about stress disorders, such as post traumatic slave syndrome, the impact of racism on family economic security, implicit biases in policy, and ways you can take action and become the solution. This workshop follows Racial Trauma & Resilience 101: Breaking Down Definitions & Historical Implications of Racism.

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Governor’s Proclamation (View & Share):

Social Media Text: “During this time last year, partners, trauma-informed community networks, and community members joined for Virginia’s first Resilience Week. Governor Northam also signed the first Resilience Week VA proclamation! Join us for Virginia’s second Resilience Week May 2-8, 2021.”

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Community Spotlight Videos (Listen & Share):

Caroline County Trauma-Informed Community Network 

One of the things that makes the Caroline County community resilient is the landmark Loving interracial marriage case, which displayed the community’s ability to overcome all odds. Learn more about the work of the Caroline County Resilience Community Network.

Greater Charlottesville Trauma-Informed Community Network 

Greater Charlottesville Trauma-Informed Community Network says their community is the strongest when they are together! Click on the video to learn more about their network and visit this link to view upcoming events.

Greater Richmond Trauma-Informed Community Network 

Greater Richmond TICN welcomes you to the 2021 Resilience Week. “One of the things that makes our communities resilient are the options for virtual connections across the area!” says the network. Connect with them by visiting their page and join virtual events.

Hampton Roads Trauma-Informed Community Network 

The Hampton Roads TICN is a network of individuals working across sector to create more resilient and equitable outcomes across communities. Learn more about the cross-sectional work of the Hampton Roads TICN here and join their network.

Winchester Area Trauma-Informed Community Network 

“A community that adapts to change is resilient…but resilience is the ability to bounce back!” says the Winchester Area TICN. Learn more about this network and how you can connect.

Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network 

“Even through these challenges of adversity, we are building a stronger community, one with resilience,” says the Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network. Learn more about their network and click this link to join.

Racial Truth & Reconciliation VA Blogs (Read & Share):

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