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Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week – 8/2/20 – 8/8/20

Posted:  -  By: Chloe Edwards

Join us for Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week #RTRW2020

Our Mission

To empower the voices and experiences of marginalized communities in acknowledgement of truth to promote healing, reconciliation, and justice.

Our Goals

  • To educate Virginians on the impact of cultural, historical, and racial trauma.
  • To encourage allies to participate in advocacy and activism to deconstruct systems of oppression.
  • To promote equity, inclusion, and justice to combat systematic racism and oppression.
  • To tell the truths and the stories of Black Indigenous Communities of Color, including the retelling of history and the experiences of communities of color.
  • To promote diversity and inclusion of communities of color, the LGBTQ+ community, individuals on the IDD spectrum, individuals with different abilities, and other oppressed communities.

The Governor of Virginia recognizes Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week

View this blog with call to actions. 

 Dr. Janice Underwood, Ph.D, Commonwealth of Virginia’s Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

Read this Op-Ed by Dr. Janice Underwood Seeds of Hope Become Trees of Change

Featured Trauma-Informed Community Networks

Best Practices and Rules

A special thanks to The Truth Telling Project for these guidelines! 



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Pre-Launch Community Chat


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Community chats are conversations that educate and engage the community in different topics, such as food insecurity, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, the impact of racism on mental health, racism in the foster care system, and how do we as a community move past the end of the week to practice intentionality in combatting systemic racism and oppression.

“Give Us The Mic” Series

Politicians and partner organizations will give advocates of color that have been impacted by their platforms or missions the mic. The advocate will have the opportunity to tell their truths, empower their experiences, tell their stories, and raise awareness to promote justice. Advocates with lived experience should inform the solutions and outcomes they wish to see in their communities as they are impacted by them. We hope that, through this series, organizations and community leaders can be thoughtful and intentional about the way in which they do their work and mindful of who informs the solutions and practices they propose.

Our Ancestors Wildest Dreams

Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams: A Q&A with the Legislative Black Caucus is intended to serve as an intergenerational tribute and conversation. The mission of the week is to empower the voices and experiences of marginalized communities in acknowledgement of truth to promote healing, reconciliation, and justice. Youth participated in a Q&A with the Legislative Black Caucus to learn about their experiences and triumphs in overcoming the plight of oppression. Members had the opportunities to also learn about the experiences of youth and their hopes for the future.  View this Q&A on Facebook Live at or Youtube

Elder Chats 

This series is intended to empower communities intergenerationally by discussing intergenerational tribulations & triumphs. The goal is to acknowledge the work of the previous generation and to discuss the growth of the younger generation. View on or YouTube.

Art & Activism 

Join us for Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week! In addressing and promoting justice for oppressed communities, we recognize art as a form of resilience but also a form of social justice. In honor of Racial Truth & Reconciliation Week, we encouraged artists and advocates to submit pieces that address cultural, historical, and racial trauma in addition to pieces that highlight cultural resilience, truth, reconciliation, and justice. Please take a moment to view their truths and share their work. View the virtual showcase here!

Resilience-Based Restoration 

Featured Blogs 

Anonymous Stories

Do you have a story of how racial/historical trauma impacted your childhood or impacts your experiences (such as how COVID-19’s impacted your family, the impact of race on mental health, a child welfare experience, your child’s access to a quality early childhood education, family economic security, or resilience)? Email Chloe at va kids dot org.

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Advocacy & Activism 

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