2023 Maternal and Infant Health General Assembly Outcomes


HB 1511/SB 1275: Midwifery; administration of medication (Del. D. Adams, Sen. Dunnavant)

Our Position: Support 

HB 1511 Status: Passed and signed into law by the governor (effective 7/1/23).

SB 1275 Status: Passed and signed into law by the governor (effective 7/1/23).

Summary: Allows licensed midwives to obtain, possess, and administer drugs and devices within the scope of their practice. The bill requires the Board of Medicine to develop and publish best practice and standards of care guidance for all such drugs. This bill also requires any licensed midwife who obtains, possesses, and administers drugs and devices to complete all Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health patient safety bundles offered by the Virginia Neonatal Perinatal Collaborative (VNPC). 


HB 1567: Perinatal health hub work group (Del. Rasoul)

Our position: Support 

Status: Passed and signed into law by the governor (effective 7/1/23).

Summary: Directs the Department of Health, in collaboration with the Virginia Neonatal Perinatal Collaborative, the Virginia Maternal Quality Care Alliance, and Urban Baby Beginnings, to convene a work group of stakeholders to evaluate strategies to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates and make recommendations to expand the perinatal health hub model across Virginia. 


HB 1734/SB 1440: Implicit bias and cultural competency continuing education requirement in health care (Del. Head, Sen. Locke)

Our position: Support 

HB 1734 Status: Failed in the House.

SB 1440 Status: Failed in the Senate, but letter sent to Task Force on Maternal Health Data and Quality Measures to complete a study.

Summary: Requires the Board of Medicine to adopt and implement policies that require each practitioner licensed by the Board who has direct contact with persons who are or may become pregnant to complete two hours of continuing education related to implicit bias and cultural competency in health care at least once every other license renewal cycle.