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The Best Source for Data on Virginia’s Children

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Voices for Virginia’s Children is part of the KIDS COUNT national network funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.
The KIDS COUNT Data Center, a project of the foundation, serves as a powerful tool for viewing and comparing statewide and locality-level data on:

  • Demographics
  • Employment and income
  • Public assistance
  • Poverty
  • Housing
  • Test scores

The Annie E. Casey Foundation provides state averages for each indicator (designated with blue triangles,) which may be compared to national averages. Voices for Virginia’s Children supplies Virginia-specific data that drills down to all 134 locales (indicators designated with burnt orange circles,) which may be compared to state averages. This interactive site allows users to access city, county, and state data and create custom profiles, maps, and graphs.

By providing policymakers, educators, the media, and citizens with benchmarks of child well-being, the Voices KIDS COUNT system advances local and state efforts to improve the lives of children.

Our Virginia KIDS COUNT Data Center tracks multiple indicators over time. This enables Voices to highlight emerging trends and risks and then guide policymakers to respond in ways that protect and enhance child well-being and increase public accountability.

June 17, 2019 marked the 30th release of the KIDS COUNT Data Book.