Unity Walk 2020


Aug 28–28, 2020


5:15PM – 7:00PM


VA Museum of History and Culture
428 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond, VA 23220
Richmond, VA 23187

To all friends and allies in pursuit of racial healing and justice: 

In commemoration of the 8/28/63
I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Friends and allies in pursuit of racial healing and justice, please join us for a walk on Arthur Ashe Blvd commemorating Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. and the vision of a United Virginia. Racial Truth & Reconciliation Virginia and Richmond’s Coming to the Table will stand in solidarity with members of several organizations represented for the walk (meet in the rear parking lot). At the end of the half hour walk, we will convene on the front steps of the VA Museum of History and Culture, hear portions of the historic “I Have A Dream Speech” and take a pledge together.

During the walk, Coming to the Table- RVA will offer meditative prompts in support of a racially healed society. We hope you can make! Please share this email with friends and click “going” on the Facebook events page.
Masks required / Social Distancing observed

For Partner Organizations: 

Our goal is to have 5 -10 members of several organizations represented at the podium and take the Richmond Pledge together. After the presentation, we want people to meet folks from YOUR organizations and make connections. CTTT-RVA wants the general public to be able to connect with members of BLM, Broken Men Foundation, RISC, VCIC, IofC and many more local groups who are doing the work! We want Richmonders to discover actions they can take to make a difference. This event is outside on the spacious VMHC front lawn where we will wear masks and observe social distancing while we also “get closer” in the work of social justice. We are asking a representative from each organization to approach the mic and deliver the following about themselves and the work of their organization:

My name is ________________ and I believe ___________________. I am a part of (or member of) ______(organization)______ because_______________. Today, I (we) stand together committed to_________________. We are making the dream a reality in RVA.

Before or during the walk, we will identify folks to approach the mic and read a few lines of the “I Have A Dream” speech. We are asking all groups that are working for social justice to be present for the UNITY WALK and the presentation on the steps of the museum. Please arrive by 5:15 pm if possible.