We’re Talking Generations: Diversity & Representation in Children’s Literature


Aug 24–24, 2021


4:00PM – 5:30PM



, VA

It is important that the voices of children from all backgrounds are represented in the literature that they read. Recent estimates show that for children’s books, only 10% represent Black children and only 5% represent Latinx children. Seeing diversity in books is critical to reinforcing positive and accurate depictions of underrepresented children. The Library of Virginia will facilitate a conversation comparing reader experiences of cultural representation in literature from perspectives across generations and backgrounds. Register here and download your virtual zoom living room background. 


  • Todd Elliot, Director, Portsmouth Public Library
  • Robin Jones, Community Member
  • Brea Gilliam, Intern, Library Development & Networking Division, Library of Virginia
  • Susan La Paro, Children & Youth Services Consultant, Library of Virginia
  • James Braxton, II,  Author, Heroes of Trauma: Soul Strong
  • Henry & Joseph Rush, Co-Authors, My Dad Has A Food Truck