Yoga Practices for Community Health & Rejuvenation


Aug 4–4, 2020


10:00AM – 11:00AM



Yoga is more relevant today than ever before to resist Corona attack, Disconnection, and Stress. Dr. Ram Bhagat will lead a 60-minute session designed by his master teacher of 45 years, Dr. Janeshwar Upadhyay. Ram will facilitate a virtual class for Racial Truth and Reconciliation Week on how to do two yogic breathing exercises (pranyam) – for example alternate nostril breathing (alom-vilom) and cleansing breath (kapalbhati) and five yogic postures (asanas) ­– for example sun salutation (surya-namaskar), tree pose (vrksasan), warrior pose I (virabhadrasan), shoulder stand (sarvangasan) and fish pose (matsyasan). He will also lead a deep relaxation (sarvasan). Dr. Bhagat will explain how yoga can enhance your immune system to fight the virus, racism, and other diseases. View at Facebook or on Zoom