Voices for Virginia’s Children 2019 Election Guide

The 2019 Election Guide is a helpful tool that can be used by organizations and individuals for voter education and advocacy. It features “cheat sheets” that provide talking points, data, and useful information about the issues that affect Virginia’s children — Childhood Trauma, Early Childhood Education, Foster Care, Mental Health, and Economic Security.


Part 1: How to use the 2019 Election Guide, Do’s and Don’ts, Social Media tips

The first component is information about how to use the Election Guide, things to keep in mind, and social media suggestions.

Part 2: One-Page Infographics and Questions for Candidates by Topic

The remaining components are one-page “cheat sheets” with infographics and questions for candidates. Each of these documents features infographics with statistics and a brief introduction related to the issue. The back page  includes several questions that can be posed in a variety of interactions with candidates: forums, town halls, fundraising events, and door-to-door campaigning.

Cheat Sheets with Infographics and Questions

Resources for Using the Election Guide

* To access the entire 2019 Election Guide click here.

For more information on how to use the Election Guide contact Emily Griffey at emily_at_vakids_dot_org.