2017 Candidate Questionnaire

Voices has sent a candidate questionnaire to all candidates running for House of Delegates, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. We will post all of the responses we receive from candidates in August.

View the questions candidates were asked on the 2017 Candidate Survey here. They covered topics from education, to foster care, to health and mental health.

(Note: Asterisk denotes the incumbent.)

Statewide Candidates

Lieutenant Governor — Justin Fairfax Jill Vogel (no response)

Attorney General — John Adams (no response)  Mark Herring*

House Candidates

HD1 — Alicia Kallen  Terry Kilgore* (no response)

HD2 — Laquan Austion (no response)  Jennifer Carroll Foy

HD3 — Bill Bunch  Will Morefield*

HD4 — Todd Pillion* (no response)

HD5 — Israel O’Quinn* (no response)

HD6 — Jeffrey Campbell* (no response)

HD7 — Flourette Ketner  Nick Rush* (no response)

HD8 — Greg Habeeb*  Steve McBride

HD9 — Stephanie Cook (no response)  Charles Poindexter* (no response)

HD10 — Wendy Gooditis (no response) Randy Minchew*

HD11 — Sam Rasoul*

HD12 — Chris Hurst  Joseph Yost* (no response)

HD13 — Robert Marshall* (no response) Danica Roem (no response)

HD14 — Daniel Marshall* (no response)

HD15 — Todd Gilbert* (no response)

HD16 — Leslie Adams* (no response)

HD17 — Christopher Head* (no response)  Djuna Osborne (no response)

HD18 — Will King  Tristan Shields (no response)  Michael Webert* (no response)

HD19 — Terry Austin* (no response)

HD20 — Richard Bell* (no response)  Michele Edwards (no response)  William Hammer (no response)

HD21 — Kelly Fowler  Ron Villanueva* (no response)

HD22 — Kathy Byron* (no response)  Michael Millner (no response)

HD23 — Scott Garrett*  Natalie Short (no response)

HD24 — Ben Cline* (no response)  John Winfrey (no response)

HD25 — Steve Landes*  Angela Lynn (response forthcoming)

HD26 — Brent Finnegan (no response)  Tony Wilt* (no response)

HD27 — Larry Barnett  Roxann Robinson* (no response)

HD28 — Joshua Cole (no response)  Robert Thomas, Jr. (no response)

HD29 — Christopher Collins* (no response) Casey Turben (no response)

HD30 — Ben Hixon  Nicholas Freitas* (no response)

HD31 — Elizabeth Guzman  Scott Lingamfelter* (no response)

HD32 — Tag Greason* (response forthcoming)  David Reid

HD33 — David LaRock* (no response)  Tia Walbridge (no response)

HD34 — Cheryl Buford (no response)  Kathleen Murphy*

HD35 — Mark Keam* (no response)

HD36 — Kenneth Plum*

HD37 — David Bulova*

HD38 — Paul Haring (no response) Kaye Kory*

HD39 — Vivian Watts*

HD40 — Timothy Hugo* (no response)  Donte Tanner

HD41 — Eileen Filler-Corn*

HD42 — Lolita Mancheno-Smoak (no response)  Kathy Tran

HD43 — Mark Sickles*

HD44 — Paul Krizek*

HD45 — Mark Levine* (no response)

HD46 — Charniele Herring* (no response)

HD47 — Patrick Hope* (no response)

HD48 — Richard Sullivan, Jr.*

HD49 — Alfonso Lopez*   Adam Roosevelt

HD50 — Lee Carter (no response)  Jackson Miller* (no response)

HD51 — Richard Anderson*   Hala Ayala (no response)

HD52 — Luke Torian* (no response)

HD53 — Michael Casey (no response)  Marcus Simon* (no response)

HD54 — Bobby Orrock*  Al Durante

HD55 — Hyland Fowler* (no response)  Morgan Goodman

HD56 — Melissa Dart (no response)  John McGuire, III (no response)

HD57 — David Toscano*

HD58 — Robert Bell* (no response)  Kellen Squire

HD59 — Tracy Carver  Matthew Fariss* (no response)  Marcus Sutphin

HD60 — James Edmunds* (no response)  Jamaal Johnston (no response)

HD61 — Thomas Wright, Jr.* (no response)

HD62 — Sheila Bynum-Coleman  Riley Ingram* (no response)

HD63 — Laschresce Aird* (no response)

HD64 — Emily Brewer (no response)  Rebecca Colaw

HD65 — Francis Stevens   Lee Ware*

HD66 — Kirkland Cox*  Katie Sponsler

HD67 — Karrie Delaney  James LeMunyon* (no response)

HD68 — Dawn Adams  Manoli Loupassi*

HD69 — Betsy Carr*   Montigue Magruder

HD70 — Delores McQuinn* (no response)

HD71 — Jeffrey Bourne*

HD72 — Schuyler VanValkenburg (no response)  Edward Whitlock, III (no response)

HD73 — John O’Bannon* (no response)  Debra Rodman

HD74 — Lamont Bagby*   Preston Brown

HD75 — Roslyn Tyler* (no response)

HD76 — Chris Jones* (no response)

HD77 — Cliff Hayes* (no response)  Jeff Staples

HD78 — James Leftwich, Jr.* (no response)

HD79 — Steve Heretick* (no response)

HD80 — Matthew James* (no response)

HD81 — Barry Knight* (no response)  Kimberly Tucker

HD82 — Leigh Anne Bowling (no response)  Jason Miyares* (no response)

HD83 — David Rose-Carmack (no response) Chris Stolle*

HD84 — Veronica Coleman (no response)  Glenn Davis, Jr.* (no response)

HD85 — Rocky Holcomb* (no response)  Cheryl Turpin (no response)

HD86 — Jennifer Boysko*  Linda Schulz (no response)

HD87 — John Bell*  Subba Kolla (no response)

HD88 — Gerald Anderson  Steve Aycock (no response)  Mark Cole* (no response)

HD89 —Terry Hurst  Jerrauld Jones (no response)

HD90 — Joseph Lindsey* (no response)

HD91 — Gordon Helsel, Jr.* (no response)  Michael Wade (no response)

HD92 — Jeion Ward* (no response)

HD93 — Heather Cordasco (no response)  Michael Mullin*

HD94 — Michael Bartley  Zackary Wittkamp (no response) David Yancey* (no response)

HD95 — Marcia Price* (no response)

HD96 — Kelly DeLucia  Brenda Pogge* (no response)

HD97 — Cori Johnson (no response)  Chris Peace*

HD98 — Sheila Crowley  Keith Hodges* (no response)

HD99 — Francis Edwards (no response)  Margaret Ransone* (no response)

HD100 — Robert Bloxom, Jr.* (no response)  Willie Randall (no response)