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2013 Bills Related to Early Care and Education

Posted:  -  By: Voices for VA's Kids

Early Care Facilities

  • HB 1582- Armed security allowed in  private schools or day care
  • Patron: Cole
  • Impact: In addition to allowing armed security in private schools, would forbid the Department of Social Services from creating a regulation that would ban armed security in day cares.
  • Status: Amended and passed both houses.

  • HB 1575- County Zoning Regulations for home based day care
  • Patron: Webert
  • Impact: Aligns county zoning regulations with the procedure in DSS family day care home regulations, that the caregivers own children or children residing in the home do not count towards the number of children allowed for license. Would have only impacted Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria.
  • Status: As of 2/12/13, patron asked that bill be laid on the table for the year.

  • HB 1640- Allows VDSS to receive information on child care background checks
  • Patron: Greason
  • Impact: Added technical language to allow the Department to receive information on the status of background checks. This clarifies that VDSS can now receive the information since payments for child care assistance are now coming directly from the Department rather than the localities.
  • Status: Amended and passed both houses.


  • HJ619- Study state supported preschool programs 
  • Patron: Jones
  • Impact: Would have conducted a research survey on state supported preschool programs, such as VPI.
  • Status: Patron asked that the bill be laid on the table


Early Childhood System

  • HB 2094 (Watson) Establishes a Longitudinal Data System
  • SB 1069 (Carrico) Establishes a Longitudinal Data System
  • Impact: Would create a data system in the Department of Education to track and examine student progress from early childhood to postsecondary.
  • Status: Although the legislation did not move forward, additional funding to keep the data system was included in the budget.
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