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Health, Healing, and Hope for Children: Voices’ trip to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters

Pictured above, from left to right: Jack Warburton, VP of Mental Health Service Line at CHKD; Stephanie Osler, Director of Mental Health Service Line at CHKD; Allison Gilbreath, Sr. Director…

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Voices’ Statement on the Final Version of Virginia’s Model Policies on the Treatment of Transgender Students in Public Schools

Voices for Virginia’s Children’s Statement on the Department of Education’s Final Version of the “Model Policies Ensuring Privacy, Dignity, and Respect for All Students and Parents in Virginia’s Public Schools”…

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Healing Centered Engagement in a Trauma-Informed World

Above photo caption: Youth advocates rallied together before a day of legislative meetings to share affirmations and words of encouragement with one another. Imagine a world where we have all…

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From Crisis to Movement: How Schools Can Best Support Youth Mental Health

This post was written by former Voices intern Abby Aquije, featured on the right in the above photo. Responding to the Growing Severity of Youth Mental Health Crisis   For decades…

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group of teens walking in high school

Bill and Budget Explainer: School-based Mental Health Services

Virginia is poised to make significant progress in children’s mental health during the 2023 legislative session. Virginia ranked as 48th in Youth Mental Health access according to Mental Health America…

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Prioritizing Youth Mental Health Requires Intention and Investment

Whether you are a young person, a parent, a mental health professional, or an educator, you have likely heard about the youth mental health crisis in the United States—it is…

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young people talking together in circle

Improving Medicaid Reimbursement for Children’s Mental Health Services

Nearly half of Virginia’s children are enrolled in Medicaid for their health insurance coverage. To ensure that these young people have access to mental health providers, and for those providers…

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teen using phone

9-8-8 is Just One Step Towards a Comprehensive Crisis Services System

This blog is the second post in a two-part series that takes a deeper look into Virginia’s efforts to integrate the 9-8-8 hotline with the behavioral health crisis services continuum….

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teen appearing stressed while talking with adult

Impact of Burnout on Transitional Aged Youth

This post was written by former Voices intern Abby Aquije. Between a rigorous academic schedule, part-time job, and extracurriculars, my high-school self often had 12+ hour days. Just thinking about…

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teens meeting together

Youth Mental Health Crisis

Written by Voices’ intern Abby Aquije Increasing mental health resources and access to behavioral health services is a necessary step to mend our youth mental health crisis. If we are truly…

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