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Children’s Mental Health Budget Priority for General Assembly 2014

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The Campaign’s two big priorities this session are crisis services and transition services.  We want to build on the last two year’s progress and augment existing funding so that more children can be reached with a more comprehensive array of crisis and child psychiatry services. Additionally, we support Governor McDonnell’s proposed budget items that support efforts to improve transition services for older teens with mental illness to help them engage in treatment and navigate the changing service delivery system as they become adults.

Children’s Crisis Services:

Senate Patron: Howell (Item 308 #21s) Co-Patrons:  Carrico, Hanger, Marsden, Watkins

House Patron:  Yost (Item 308 #21h) Co-Patrons: Bell, Robert, Brink, Farrell, Hope, Ingram, McClellan, O’Bannon, Plum

This budget amendment adds $2.4 million GF each year to create a more robust crisis response continuum of care for children in two regions or subregions of the state.

Transition-age services:

Support Governor McDonnell’s $3.5 million/$4 million GF to increase access to outpatient services for older teens and young adults.

Senate Patron: Deeds (Item 305 #25s): Co-Patrons: Ebbin, Favola, Howell, Marsden, McEachin, Petersen, Puller

House Patron:  Toscano (Item 305 #25h) Co-Patrons: Brink, Filler-Corn, Krupicka, Landes, Mason, Morrissey, Plum

This budget amendment adds $120,000 GF each year for a three-year pilot program to improve outcomes for teens with mental health disorders in Piedmont area.

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