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Mother’s Day Honorees

Posted:  -  By: Nikkia Johnson

Many of you participated in wishing the mother figures in your life a Happy Mother’s Day, and supported Voices for Virginia’s Children in the process.  Our response this year was great and we are excited to share all the women who were honored!  Thank you to all of you who donated!

Catie C. McConnell

Elizabeth W. Baker

Ann Meade Trahan

Karen Fralin

Ann Cove

Jennifer Harrison

Anne Casey

Lois Dow

Harriet Davidow

Andrea Schneir

Linda Harrell

Angela Elfman

Tonya Jackson

Bettye Johnson

Rose Lane Nimmo

Christie Montgomery

Grandison Burnside

Cristy Gallagher

Hilary Czarda

Elizabeth Anderson

Terry N. Schenkman

Ariel Robinson Kaplan

Marmie Lewis

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