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National Voter Registration Day: Are You Ready to Vote for Kids?

Posted:  -  By: Voices for VA's Kids

Today is September 25th, which marks National Voter Registration Day, a day meant to encourage all citizens eligible in the United States to make sure they are properly registered to vote. Everyone must be registered to vote by this October 15th in order to qualify to vote in the federal elections here in Virginia on Nov. 6th, and everyone who plans to vote absentee must request their ballot by October 30th.

Here at Voices, we especially want to make sure that everyone is not only registered, but also ready to vote for candidates who care about kids and kids’ issues. Whether we are parents or grandparents, teachers or neighbors, community leaders or community members, we all have a deep investment in the health, education and success of children.

As such, we want to encourage everyone in these weeks leading up to the election to hold candidates accountable for their positions on kids’ issues. We want you all to become a part of the electoral process, which means not just voting for candidates, but engaging with them. Not just putting bumper stickers on your cars, but starting conversations with neighbors and family. And not just reading the newspaper, but asking the kinds of questions of candidates, media and others that will help you determine who among those running for office has the best plan for keeping kids safe, healthy, educated and on the path to future success.

To help guide you through this election season, Voices has put together some electoral information and advocacy materials, accessible on our website, specifically focused on some key issues that directly affect Virginia’s children and families. We’ve also included instructions and key dates and deadlines for making sure you are ready to head the polls on Nov. 6th (or mail in your absentee ballot beforehand) and make your voice heard.

You can find our electoral advocacy page here, which also includes links to voter registration guides and information on Virginia’s new Voter ID law requirements.

Remember, you’re not just voting for yourself, you’re voting for Virginia’s kids, too!


Amy Woolard is Voices’ Senior Policy Attorney, covering foster care, child welfare, juvenile justice and child poverty issues, and coordinates much of Voices’ electoral advocacy work. You can reach her at amy@vakids.org.

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