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The Campaign for Children’s Mental Health – because…

Posted:  -  By: Voices for VA's Kids

1 in 5 kids experience a mental health problem, but only 1 in 5 of those children receive the treatment they need. Children from any background or from any economic circumstance may experience mental health problems, even young children.

The need is critical, and the time for reform is now. The children’s mental health system in Virginia is long-overdue for transformation. The availability of community-based services varies greatly throughout the state, with some areas having almost no services for children. When services are available, too often they cannot be accessed because the delivery systems are fragmented and confusing and waiting times are long.

Children with untreated mental health problems are at risk for school failure and dropping out, violence, substance abuse, and suicide. Without treatment, children and families often end up in crisis, requiring more intensive and expensive treatment than if they had been given appropriate treatment and support at the right time.

Virginia can and should do better for its children.

The Campaign for Children’s Mental Health is the first-ever coordinated effort to improve Virginia’s child mental health system. The campaign brings together advocates, parents, treatment professionals, organizations and all the others who desire to make mental health services more available and accessible to the children who need them.

Get Involved! Explore this website to learn more about the Campaign and how you can join our effort.

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