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View Recording- Early Childhood Innovation Symposium 6.6.16

Posted:  -  By: Emily Griffey

Early Childhood “Innovation Symposium”

June 6, 2016

View Blackboard recorded presentations HERE

(You will need to download Blackboard collaborate to the view the presentations. The video and audio is recorded. Slides are viewable with the corresponding links below.)


Virginia Early Childhood Foundation Innovation Projects– – Kathy Glazer (slides)

  • [Begins at 9:13-ends at 35: 41]


Trauma-informed Systems– Dr. Allison Sampson-Jackson (slides)

  • [Begins at 38: 43- ends at 1:36]


Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative– Bonnie Grifa & Deana Buck (slides)

  • [Begins at 1:30-ends at 1:51]


Home Visiting Consortium– Laurel Aparicio (slides)

  • [Begins at 1:56-ends at 2:24]


Mixed-Delivery Systems in Practice– Betsi Closter, Fairfax Office for Children (slides) & Tammy Mann, Campagna Center (slides)

  • [Betsi begins at 2:26- ends at 2:35 Tammy begins at 2:35- both end with questions at 2:56]


*Time in between presentations is speaker introductions given by Emily Griffey of Voices for Virginia’s Children

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