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Voices for Virginia’s Children 2024 Legislative Agenda

Posted:  -  By: Allison Gilbreath

Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

At Voices, we believe in positioning young individuals and their families as active agents in shaping policy solutions that catalyze transformative change within their communities. To achieve this, we engage directly with youth advocates and gather insights from professionals dedicated to serving families. Our approach embraces and cultivates diverse perspectives on the well-being of young people. We are dedicated to creating trauma-informed and healing-centered spaces that enable advocates to share their stories and contribute to systemic change.

As we embark on the initiatives outlined in our 2024 legislative agenda, we invite collaboration and support from stakeholders who share our vision for a more equitable and just society. Together, we can work towards dismantling the barriers that hinder the prosperity of our youth and pave the way for a brighter future.

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Bill Tracker Key  

What “Position” Means:  

  • Support: Voices is in strong support of this legislation and will testify to support this proposal.  
  • Oppose: Voices is in strong opposition of this legislation and will testify to oppose this proposal.  
  • Monitor: Voices is listening to testimony and speaking with stakeholders related to this legislation so that we may be aware of its future impact on young people.  

What “Status” Means:  

  • Bills making progress: If a bill is amended, given a substitute, or reported from a subcommittee or committee, it is still being considered and in progress.  
  • Bills that are stalled: If a bill fails to report, is laid on the table, or is passed by indefinitely (PBI), it has stalled for the session and will not move forward.  
  • Final action: A bill that has been approved by both the House and the Senate. It will be sent to the Governor to sign or amend. 

Click here to review the 2024 General Assembly Committees.

View our 2024 Legislative Agenda

DIGITAL – VOICES 2024 POLICY AGENDA by Voices for Virginia’s Children.

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