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The Family and Children’s Trust Fund Supports a #TraumaInformedVA

Posted:  -  By: Chlo'e Edwards

The Family and Children’s Trust Fund (FACT) was a Voices’ partner for The Virginia Summit on Childhood Trauma and Resilience. FACT is a current financial supporter of two TICNs in Virginia. Pictured below are 15 trauma-informed community networks that were represented at the summit. FACT produced a brief in the form of a booklet for conference attendees and others to better understand how trauma-informed community networks operate and where these networks are located in Virginia.

Trauma-informed community networks continue their development across the state of Virginia. These networks represent disciplines that cut across sectors of the child-serving fields. These groups are referred to as trauma-informed community networks or community resilient networks, most often. Network leaders commit to raising awareness around trauma-informed care in addition to the full time positions they fill in the Commonwealth at their organizations. Some of these networks are well established with leadership, structure, and regular meetings. Others are just beginning conversations around trauma-informed care and establishing ideas around the continued development of their networks.

Passions and characteristics are shared amongst the multidisciplinary networks of professionals and community members. These commonalities include: raising trauma-informed approaches in the community, conducting trainings across the community, implementing trauma-informed best practices in the schools, court systems, law enforcement, early childhood education, and more! The trauma-informed community networks play an essential role in connecting, developing, and implementing practices across an array of systems in the Commonwealth in addition to identifying gaps that can be mitigated through policy and practice from the top down. The Family and Children’s Trust Fund is committed to supporting a trauma-informed Virginia through system-wide trauma-informed community networks grants and technical assistance. View their summary of Virginia’s trauma-informed community networks playing a role in building resilient communities here! To learn more about the Campaign for a Trauma-Informed Virginia, visit our page.

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