We make KIDS COUNT! We are the go-to resource for data on child well-being and can help answer the question, “how are our kids doing?” Each year, we release new reports and snapshots to highlight important, timely issues that impact children. Our data center contains over 100 state-level and 40 local-level indicators on child well-being and is part of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s national effort to highlight the critical role data plays in public policy. Our KIDS COUNT work helps inform our advocacy efforts and policy recommendations.

Equity Impact Statements

What is the impact of the policy? That is the question our equity impact statements answer. Voices encourages policymakers, policy analysts, organizations, and advocates to do the same. Through these equity impact statements, you will have a greater understanding of how our Racial Truth & Reconciliation Virginia policy priorities impact children, families, and communities of color at the state-level.

2021 Campaign for a Trauma-Informed VA: Racial Truth & Reconciliation VA Policy Agenda

Read our full 2021 Campaign for a Trauma-Informed VA: Racial Truth & Reconciliation VA Policy Agenda 




2021 Family Economic Security Policy Agenda

2021 Healthcare Access Policy Agenda

2021 Mental Health Equity Impact Statement 

2021 Early Childhood Education Agenda

Our ACES fact sheet features several elements that provide talking points, data and useful information on the issues that affect Virginia’s children the most.

Part 1: ACES FACT Sheet 

The first component highlights data on the number of children who are impacted by ACES.

Part 2: ACES FACT Sheet

The second part highlights connections between ACES and household stability.

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Need data on child well-being? Contact our Research Director Lauren Snellings and visit the KIDS COUNT Data Center.