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Resources for Professionals and Families

Government Resources

Many federal agencies have provided resources to define trauma and educate others on the impact of trauma. These resources provide definitions, guidance documents, and fact sheets to use to help educate stakeholders.

Resources for Families

If you are parent or caregiver in search of trauma-informed resources here are some helpful resources.

Resources for Professionals

If you are a child-serving professional looking for more information on how your practice could become more trauma-informed your local community network could also have training resources. These websites and resource directories provide access to learning communities, webinars, and videos.

Resources for Policymakers

Multimedia Resources 

Whether you are a professional, a caregiver, or and advocate, here are some engaging ways to learn more about trauma-informed approaches.

  • Read material on the science behind ACEs: ACEs Too High Trauma 101
  • Watch a 14 minute TED talk from one of the leading practitioners in trauma-informed care, Dr.Nadine Burke Harris of the Center for Youth Wellness
  • Learn more the excellent documentary introducing science behind ACEs and examples of trauma-informed care in practice: Resilience
  • Learn more about the documentary introducing trauma-informed care in schoolsPaper Tigers